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Small companies can also take loans that are beneficial to them. They are available primarily in banks and in loan companies operating as non-bank companies. To get a loan, the company must meet basic conditions. There is also adequate income among them that create creditworthiness. What income do we need to have to get a loan?

For company loans, we can go to both banks and non-banking companies. We have a wide range at our disposal, which differ in terms of terms, costs, and method of obtaining money, to mention a few issues. When looking for a good loan, we should look at all these issues comprehensively. However, whether we get the money depends on what conditions we are able to meet. The credit capability mentioned above is the most important.

About online payday loans

If you need a fast and convenient online payday loan up to PLN 10,000, we invite you to take advantage of our offer at This is an attractive, fast loan that can be contracted for 24 months. The repayment is then made in convenient installments.

To obtain a business loan, we do not require the delivery of bank accounting, accounting and registration documents. Also, no security is required. Our loan is a loan for a statement that allows you to finance all your business needs. Welcome!

What is creditworthiness?

It is defined by the ability of a given person or company to pay a given obligation. Creditworthiness is calculated on the basis of income and expenses. If the income far exceeds expenses, then getting a loan is not a problem. However, when the difference between them is small or the expenditures are higher than the income, the financial liquidity is disturbed, and thus the problems in obtaining the loan arise.

Creditworthiness is calculated primarily on the basis of the borrower’s statement, but the lending institution may also request additional documents. In the case of companies, these are usually accounting and banking documents, for example, account statements.

What income will allow you to get a business loan?

It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to such a question. When we need a loan for small business operations, in this situation it all depends on how much we will need for the loan. If it is not high, we will be able to receive funds even without presenting any documents confirming the income obtained.

When we need a loan of up to about PLN 10,000, we can get it simply for a statement. Then, in the application, we enter your data and indicate the income and expenses. We do not have to provide additional documents then. However, if we want to take a higher loan for the company, in such a situation we will have to present the aforementioned documents or security, for example, it may be a blank promissory note or a surety. With very high amounts in hundreds of thousands and millions of zlotys, the borrower may require both documents and collaterals – usually mortgages.