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What is a Healthy Body

A Healthy BodyThe body was one of Paul’s favorite metaphors for describing the church. Perhaps the most famous of these in in 1 Cor 12 where he goes to some length to explain that each person has been gifted by the Spirit for a certain function within the body. Different members have different gifts.
My focus for this series, however, is to consider what a healthy church looks like. What do healthy church members look like? Just like God’s design of the human body, it is amazing how the church can continue to survive with so much neglect and unhealthy habits. I think we all appreciate good health in general. No one like to be ill or morbidly obese. But sometimes it is really hard work getting back into shape. My prayer for this series is that we will desire to be a healthy church and we will take the necessary steps to becoming a picture of spiritual health.